sofia | Street | April 2023 | Fuji X-T5


The twilight skyline features a contrasting scene of dark urban silhouettes against the gentle hues of a snowy mountain peak under a pastel sky.
Dusk descends on the city, where the silhouettes of buildings yield to the majestic snow-capped mountain backdrop, bathed in the soft afterglow.
In a black and white photo, a man in a leather jacket sits on a bench, focused on his smartphone, with a bottle beside him on the bench.
Caught in a moment of modern life, a man engrossed in his phone takes a pause, a snapshot of urban solitude amidst the blur of city life.
Three air conditioning units mounted below windows on a building's stone facade, showcasing a blend of functionality and symmetry.
A building’s facade breathes through symmetric air conditioning units, a silent symphony of urban architecture.
Silhouette of two people facing each other in conversation, one holding a mobile phone, backlit by large windows with a bright sky beyond.
Silhouetted stories unfold, two figures engage in a dance of conversation against a backlit window stage.
Three air conditioning units mounted on the exterior wall of a building with multiple windows.
Urban cool down: A trio of air conditioners perched on a city building’s façade.
Black and white image of two people sitting on a bench at night, talking, with blurred figures in the background.
Nighttime chatter: Two friends lost in conversation on a city bench, the world bustling by.